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Vince Martin

is a Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter, whose ground-breaking hit of 1957, " Cindy, Oh Cindy", was recorded with The Tarriers. It is viewed by many to be the first Folk single to cross over and become a mainstream hit. He was also half of MARTIN & NEIL, with Fred Neil. The duo's Elektra album, "TEAR DOWN THE WALLS", was a linchpin of Folk music in the 60's, and is, even now, being rediscovered by a new generation of listeners. Vince has subsequently enjoyed a rich career as a solo artist, recording "IF THE JASMINE DON'T GET YOU, THE BAY BREEZE WIL"L, as well as his eponymous "VINCE MARTIN", on the Capitol label.

He was the first artist to leave the Village scene to live and perform in Coconut Grove, Florida. He subsequently lured many of his peer performers to the area, creating a music scene that had not existed before, at small coffee houses such as the Flick and the Gaslight South. He was also the first of the musical community to get involved with Ric O'Barry's work with dolphins, (recently documented in the Oscar-winning "THE COVE"), known as the Dolphin Project. Vince performed tirelessly, donating time and efforts to the early Dolphin Project concerts, which were the basis of today's movement towards the humane treatment of dolphins. Vince still performs at New York venues and is enjoying a resurgence of interest in his music, as a result of the new documentary about him, VAGABONDO!





TODD KWAIT is a lawyer and businessman with a lifelong passion for film. He is the director and producer of Vagabondo! Todd is on the board of Independent Pictures in Cleveland, Ohio and is active in many trade organizations relating to his manufactuirng business. His other works include "Chasing Gus's Ghost".






Mark Sebastian

is a singer/ songwriter and filmmaker. As a teen, he co- wrote Summer In The City, the Lovin' Spoonful's number one hit, with his brother John. He has collaborated as a writer, or in the studio, with his mentors, Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks, as well as Gary Usher and Earth Wind & Fire. His live performances have found him sharing stages with Laura Nyro, Eric Burdon, the Doors'  Robbie Kreiger, the Beach Boys and a host of Folk music greats, during his early days playing the clubs in his native Greenwich Village. He has also worked in theater, helping to establish the west coast satellite of Ellen Stewart's cutting-edge theater group, La Mama, and worked as an actor on TV and in film. His  CD on Sundazed Records, "BLEECKER STREET", has garnered positive notices from MOJO Magazine, and among Pop & Blues listeners.





The vintage still photographs which open VAGABONDO! , ( with the exception of the Night Owl Cafe pictures), were shot by the late Robert Otter. Otter's photographs are respected as probably the most definitive still documents of the Village as it was in the early 60's. His son, Ned, maintains www.robertotter.com, a treasure trove of images shot by his father. We are very grateful for the usage of these