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VAGABONDO! evolved from early conversations I had with singer Vince  Martin, after not seeing him since I was a teenager, playing clubs in Greenwich Village. He had given me a big break playing guitar behind him during his performances when I was a neophyte, earning my first opening sets at clubs like the Gaslight, the Bitter End and the Cafe Au Go-Go. Vince had been one of my heroes. I mentioned to Todd Kwait, who had made CHASIN' GUS' GHOST, that Vince was very charismatic and funny, and that our conversations covered a wide gamut of inappropriate subjects! I found Vince to be as wildly politically incorrect as I and suggested Todd come along one day with his family digital camera. Todd, being a diehard music fan, studied up on Vince and discovered all the great songs and albums he'd been involved in and was intrigued, but on a larger scale. " I want to do the project", Todd said. I assured him there was no project, just two old Folk music veterans hanging out and telling stories about a time in the Village.  So, with Todd's nourishing, it turned into a revisiting of the places where Vince lived and made music; Coney Island, Brooklyn and Greenwich Village. VAGABONDO! gave me the chance, not only to discover great music I had no idea Vince had created, but to get a better view on what made Vince the unique human being he is.

-Mark Sebastian